Friday, August 23, 2013

Try try again!

It has been quiet awhile since I wrote on this site and Rhett even mentioned it to me the other day.  I will try again to keep working on this as I know it will be something great for us to look back at and for Tanessa to read one day.

This week we celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  There are parts of our life together that seems like there is now it has been 15 years and then there are other things that I am like it has only been 15 years.  We have grown in more was then I can count, but it has been for the bet in all ways.

In this post I will talk about how we started our life together as husband and wife, the real part, since the honeymoon doesn't really count.  After we got back from Idaho we went to my parent's house since that was were all the presents were.  We got them loaded into my Dad's truck, since it had a closed camper shell on it, and headed out for Laramie.  We stopped in Lyman to see Rhett's parents and while we were there my Grandpa Bruce called and said that he found us a washer and dryer if we wanted them.  I of coarse said YES!  There were part of a divorce where they had to sell everything in the house and the husband was mad so he was giving things away so his ex-wife couldn't get any more money out of him.  My Grandpa and Mom got them loaded into his purple truck and headed over to Lyman.  We made room in the truck, got them loaded and headed to Laramie.  Rhett's parents got us a bed for our wedding present and my parent's got us a futon for our living room.  Then for my birthday before the wedding my parents got me a nice computer desk.  So we had some furniture.  We went to work to get our little 1 bedroom bomb shelter as Rhett called it.  They were little apartment that had 4 attached together and then had 5 on a street.  The last time we went to Laramie, all these apartments were gone and a great big parking lot was there.  It did make me a little sad.  We were able to take some of the wedding gifts back to Wal-Mart and K-Mart that we didn't need or that we got multiples of to get some money to pay off our honeymoon and get a kitchen table and chairs.  Our friend Brent Butters came over and helped Rhett put the futon together and help move the heavy stuff in.  It was very fun putting our first little home together.  It did take some time to figure out where I wanted everything because I was having too much fun playing house but for real!

The next best thing come after we got things moved in I got to go to the office at the University and change my name on the records and get a new student id that said Kristi Arnell!!!  I was so excited about it.  I was not very excited about the picture on the id because Rhett being Rhett had given me 2 great big hiccies on my neck on either side of my esophagus making it look like I had been strangled.  He thought it was so funny.

Then we went about getting ready for classes and finding jobs so we could pay for our little home and for our college career.

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