Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Reception

After the ceremony all the family came up and congratulated us.  We then went and had pictures taken by many many people.  We never did really hire a photographer, we did ask my cousin Ken Bruce to take the bulk of them, but my brother Brian and Grandpa Hirst also took some great pictures too.  We had a light dinner which I don't remember eating any of it.  Then the reception started.  We had a line, which Rhett and his groomsmen were not happy with at all.  In fact they were trying to figure out how to make a tree out of a keg and sneak it into the church.  Half way through the reception I started to see all the people coming through that they were either laughing or had a very confused look on their face by the time they got to me.  I looked over and asked Rhett what was going on and he said you should hear the stories that his groomsmen were telling everyone.  One time they were all named Earl (or something like that), another was they did not know either Rhett or I and they were just at the truck stop and were the right measurements for the tuxes, they were all rodeo clowns, all brothers, it was really funny to listen too.  I really did not see any harm in it and it did make the time go buy really fast.  I had written a poem to Rhett and had my cousin Taryn read it, the sad thing is that I can't find the poem now.  Grandma and Grandpa Hirst sang L-O-V-E one of my favorite songs.  We thanked everyone for coming, we cut the cake, which Rhett was threatened by my Mom to not smash cake in my face because she didn't want cake on my dress.  Rhett tossed the guarder which Adam caught, and I tossed the bouquet, there was a little bit of a fight, but Sarah won it.  Rhett and I went and got into our regular clothes and we were off to Montpelier, Idaho for the start of our honeymoon.

The people that helped us.
Brian - took video and pictures for us, which after 14 almost 15 years we have never seen the video...lol
Jodi & Taylor - sat at the book, well Jodi did Grandpa Atkinson took Taylor who was a month old and showed her off to everyone that would look
Jeff and Jen - they were in charge of music, I guess after we left they started quiet the kareoke contest
Aunts on both sides helped decorate the church, clean up, and get the plates ready in the kitchen
Taryn, Sarah, and Rachel where in charge of opening presents and writing down who they were from

And the last story about our reception, the groomsmen disappeared between the pictures and reception, when they came back they told us to come into a side room, the handed us a box, we opened it up and found they had been to the ADULT store and bought some things for us.  We thought it was funny but didn't know what to do with the box. Somehow Rhett's Grandma's got a hold of it and they took turns holding it and showing it off to anyone that would look.  We did get back at Rhett's brother Trent when him and Dawn got married, but we did not get anyone else back, I guess we will have to work on that.

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