Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well after what seemed like forever August 21, 1998 came and I was very excited.  First thing that morning we went to the church to help set up the cake.  The cake was huge and absolutely beautiful.  While we were setting it up, the cake designers grandson was playing basket ball and the ball got away from him and it hit the cake.  Well after we got a closer look it just hit the goblets that were holding the layers up.  But it was all good, we had enough to still make it work and still be amazing.  The cake designer and my Mother were not very happy, but I remained calm.  My Mom and I then went home and to my Mom's dismay I cut my brother Jeff's hair.  She asked how I could be so calm.  I said because you are worrying about everything so I don't have too.  I got showered and went to the church for my Aunt to do my hair and make-up.  So after my hair and make-up was done I started to get dressed and my cousin/maid of honor Darcey helped me put my slip on, and she also tried to make sure I look skinny because she really pulled hard.  So then my Mom helped me get my dress on.  She then told me that Rhett and his groom men where not at the church yet.  She then asked if I was nervous, but once again I said nope.  I said if all the groomsmen where here and not Rhett I would be, but I knew he would show up.  Which minutes later he did, and about came into the room where I was getting ready.  Thanks Jen for making sure he didn't!  After I was dressed and we were waiting for all the boys to get ready.  Evidently they had a good game of golf going on in Kemmerer and they left like 20 minutes before the wedding and still made it almost on time.  My Grandma Hirst came in and she gave me something old for me to have.  It was a handkerchief that Great Grandma McKinnon had given to her on a special day in her life.  I was grateful for it, but then my Grandma stuck in my bra.  I was really shocked, that she would do that.  So then we all got lined up and my cousin Sarah started to sing and away we went.  We had 4 groomsmen, Trent Arnell, best man, Brent Butters, Ben Negus, and Justin Watkins.  We also had 4 bridesmaids, Darcey Stocking, Carrie Robinson, Koskell Bruce, and Rikki Bruce.  We had a ring carrier, Keisha, and we had her in a little tux.  We also had 2 flower girls, Michelle and Emily Berlin.  My Dad walked me down the isle and I think he was afraid to look at me as to not cry.  He asked if I was sure and I said more than anything.  A close family friend, Craig Lester, married us and made us promise to get sealed a year later.  It was a very good and short ceremony followed by a very long kiss, in which Grandma Hirst made a comment that everyone heard.

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